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Plastic heart models of various sizes and colors

Research & Discoveries

Current Areas of Study

The BEAT Lab's mission is to develop inclusive multiscale computational and experimental tools to advance our knowledge of cardiovascular biomechanics and electrophysiology, employ our tools to improve and design cardiovascular therapies, and to train a new, diverse generation of biomedical engineers. We collaborate closely with clinicians to focus on research questions that are relevant to patient health and to make a direct impact on healthcare. We are part of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, and Edwards Lifesciences Foundation Cardiovascular Innovation and Research Center. We are also affiliated with the Center for Complex Biological Systems and the graduate program in Mathematical, Computational & Systems Biology.

Cardiac Growth & Remodeling


The heart has an intrinsic capacity of adaptation–for better or worse. During disease, the heart grows and remodels pathologically. How can we *beat* disease by growing it back? We develop computational and experimental approaches to study how we growth and remodeling can be harnessed to improve and design therapies for cardiovascular diseases. Specific interests include myocardial growth and cardiomyocyte remodeling.

Patient-specific Modeling

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy has emerged as a potentially effective pacemaker therapy to reverse heart failure. Treatment personalization promises to improve outcome yet also poses a new challenge: there are now far too many options to choose from. We are building simplified patient-specific models of biomechanics, electrophysiology, and signaling to predict long-term remodeling.

Cardiovascular Health Disparities


We are deeply committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusivity in our lab. Furthermore, our scientific research itself will focus on addressing health disparities. Current interests include sex differences in heart failure patients. For example, why do women and men respond differently to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy? Artwork by Sammy Katta.

Join us

We are looking for motivated and creative students to join our team. This will be an exciting opportunity for you to join a brand new lab (established 2022), where you will be part of establishing a collaborative and inclusive lab culture, while laying the foundation for current and future research projects. We do not have any openings for high school students. Please reach out if you are interested.


Contact Us

We are always excited to discuss research opportunities with interested undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers. We do not have any openings for high school students.


Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building (ISEB)

Room #: 6550 (lab), 6330 (students' office), and 6084 (Pim's office)

 419 S. Circle View Drive, Irvine, CA 92697



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